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Sound Files:

This page will eventually include sound files from each of Michael’s albums, but for now is limited to those from his newest release Oracle and his South American compilation Strings of Steel.

All excerpts are 8-bit/mono/11Khz/*.wav files.

From Oracle:

From Strings of Steel:

This is a South American compilation of Michael’s work from his debut Breakfast in the Field (1981) through Taproot (1990), but also includes his previously unreleased studio cover of The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” as well as live covers of the Fine Young Cannibals’ “She Drives Me Crazy” and the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”.

Additional sound files.

Beyond Boundaries: Guitar Solos
Audio: Rickover's Dream
Audio: Aerial Boundries
Audio: Eleven Small Roaches
Audio: Ragamuffin
Audio: Ritual Dance

Audio: Torched
Audio: Spring Buds
Audio: Fusion Of The Five Elements
Audio: Promised Land
Audio: Phoenix Fire

Audio: The 2nd Law
Audio: Ignition
Audio: Baal T' Shuvah
Audio: Dirge
Audio: Jitterboogie

Watching My Life Go By
Audio: Face Yourself
Audio: I'm Coming Home
Audio: Woman Of The World
Audio: Watching My Life Go By
Audio: I Want You

Aerial Boundaries
Audio: Aerial Boundaries
Audio: Bensusan
Audio: Rickover's Dream
Audio: Ragamuffin
Audio: After The Gold Rush

Video Files:

Please see Michael’s page at Windham Hill for a video clip from The Artist’s Profile: Michael Hedges of Michael performing “Baal T’shuvah”.

In 1994, Michael teamed up with MediaCast to broadcast a concert over the Net from Santa Cruz in the backyard of one of the techs who organized the gig. Video archives of “Jitterboogie”, “Rickover’s Dream”, Debussy’s “Syrinx”, “Torched”, “The Jabberwocky”, and “Ritual Dance” are available for download from MediaCast.

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