Michael Hedges: Breakfast in the Field

Breakfast in the Field1981, Windham Hill WD-1017

Hedges' ground-breaking solo guitar debut, recorded live to 2-track, with no overdubs. "Wistful, soulfully probing tone-poems..." (Boston Globe), some with accompaniment by George Winston (piano) and Michael Manring (fretless bass). "Hedges' clean execution and impeccable taste make this a very engaging work" -Guitar Player.

Michael Hedges: acoustic guitar
Michael Manring: fretless bass
George Winston: piano

  1. Layover
  2. The Happy Couple
  3. Eleven Small Roaches
  4. The Funky Avocado
  5. Baby Toes
  6. Breakfast in the Field
  7. Two Days Old
  8. Peg-Leg Speed King
  9. The Unexpected Visitor
  10. Silent Anticipations
  11. Lenono

All compositions by Michael Hedges.

Produced by Will Ackerman.

Recorded at The Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA.

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