Michael Hedges: Santabear’s First Christmas

Santabear's First Christmas1986, Windham Hill WD-0700, currently out of print.

Michael Hedges' musical score for a 1986 Rabbit Ears children’s video narrated by Kelly McGillis (Rabbit Ears Productions/Children’s Video Library catalog #5390). The score includes some selections that are unique to this project: track 2 (an instrumental version of "Ready or Not"), and tracks 5 and 6.

Michael Hedges: acoustic guitar, harp-guitar, acoustic bass guitar, flute

  1. Santabear’s First Christmas (narration with music)
  2. Ready or Not (instrumental; vocal version appears on Live on the Double Planet)
  3. The Double Planet
  4. Eleven Small Cubs *
  5. Larry’s Instrumental
  6. Carol Jean

* “Eleven Small Cubs” is a re-recording of “Eleven Small Roaches” from Breakfast in the Field.

Produced by Michael Hedges and Mark Sottnick.

Recorded at Different Fur Recording, San Francisco, CA.

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