Various Artists: TOUCH, Windham Hill 25 Years of Guitar

Touch: 25 Years of Guitar on Windham HillJune, 2001, Windham Hill #01934-11592-2

Windham Hill began as a label creating a renaissance of music for the guitar. Though it has broadened its scope to include much more, the soul of the label can be found in Touch. This collection honors the exceptional recordings that have been made since Windham Hill was founded 25 years ago. The combination of many genres that come together in these performances has helped to define what listeners have come to know and love as Windham Hill.

With liner notes by Will Ackerman.

  1. Aerial Boundaries (Michael Hedges,from Aerial Boundaries)
  2. Western (Alex de Grassi, from Southern Exposure)
  3. The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit (Will Ackerman, re-recorded)
  4. Larry's World (Russ Freeman, from Sounds of Wood and Steel)
  5. Who Lives Up There (Snuffy Walden, from Sounds of Wood and Steel)
  6. Pavane (Steve Erquiaga, from The Impressionists)
  7. Coming Home (Sean Harkness, from Aloft)
  8. On The Way (David Cullen, from Guitar Sampler)
  9. Shella's Pictures (Will Ackerman, from Sound of Wind Driven Rain)
  10. Nothing's Too Good (for a friend), (Doyle Dykes, from Gitare 2000)
  11. Turning, Turning Back (Alex de Grassi, from Evening With Windham Hill Live)
  12. Rikki's Shuffle (Michael Hedges, from Live on the Double Planet)

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